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Why auditing supplier invoices ?

Mid-sized companies receive thousands of invoices every year. In addition, there are dunning notice for some of them. Faced with this reality, it is understandable that there is a risk of error when entering invoices into the ERP. The simplest and most effective approach to protect yourself is to set up a regular control procedure.

Why a monthly procedure ?

Contrary to what one might think, the duplicate invoice usually arrives first, and then the real invoice is entered later. Several months may pass between these two events. To be responsive, a regular control procedure must be put in place. In addition, our system allows for prevention by detecting potential anomalies before the actual invoice arrives.

What is the return on investment ?

It will depend on the duplicate rate. A variety of factors come into play, here are the main ones :
• Great amount of business units
• Size of a business unit
• A newcomer in the accounting service
• Any internal process changes

Is my data safe ?

We are aware that your data is precious, therefore you have the possibility to upload anonymized data on our website. If you need help to set up an anonymized export from your ERP, do not mind hitting up our team. Our help is included in the subscription.

Moreover, we erase the file once the mining is done

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